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EXPRIMO PARCEL DELIVERY SERVICE 1. What is Exprimo Parcel Delivery Services? Exprimo Parcel Delivery Services were created as a solution for students to receive their parcel since many of residential colleges in UPM do not receive parcel anymore. 2. How much I need to pay for every parcel that Exprimo receives for me? Every parcel cost only RM1. No additional charge will be given unless your parcel is more than 2 with a condition; the parcels had been received at the same time. 3. I am really interested in the concept of my parcel will be delivered to me. What types of delivery services that Exprimo provides and how much the price? We have three types of delivery services which are i. Normal Delivery: Your parcel will be delivered to your preferred checkpoint after 3 days with RM2 of delivery charge. ii. Same Day Delivery: We will send your parcel on the same day of its arrival with only RM 3 delivery charge applied. iii. Supreme Delivery: You will receive your parcel within two hours after it reached our store directly to your current location (Please inform us via our Fb Page about your parcel arrival so we can get ready). The delivery cost is only RM6. RM1 parcel charge is INCLUDED for every type of delivery. Please refer to the list in the form to choose your checkpoint. 4. I prefer to pick up my own parcel. Can I have that option, please? Yes. Please pick up your parcel at our store, Exprimo, KAA within 3 days range. RM1 fine will be applied for every single day you are late. 5. So, how do I send my parcel through Exprimo? Follow these simple steps i. Purchase your item and fill the parcel details (recipient) as below: a. Your name and phone number (please use the same name and phone number as in the form you filled) b. Our address: Exprimo (POS) Lot 5, PutraBiz@Kiosk, Kompleks Akademik A, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 Serdang, Selangor ii. Fill the Google form by clicking the first poster appear in our website: http://www.exprimo.com.my/ (just click on the picture to get the direct link) Please take note that any loss or damage is not under Exprimo’s responsibility. We will always handle your parcel nicely. 6. How do I know if my parcel arrived at the Exprimo store, do I need to ask Exprimo each time? No. You can check it by yourself. Once your parcel is posted, simply check your parcel tracking number on the related service postage you used (Track & Trace – Poslaju, Lazada Malaysia Order Tracking, Advance Tracking – Skynet, GD Express Sdn Bhd - e-Tracking and etc). It should be written ‘delivered’. 7. I am too busy to fill the form. Can I complete it later? No. If you fill the form after your parcel received by us, the details have no function anymore. Please fill it as soon as possible once your item is posted to our store. 8. What is the date I should fill in the form? The date of postage. 9. If I use this service again in the future, do I need to fill the forms again? Yes, you just need to ‘edit the response’ for the tracking number and date of postage. The forms will update your parcel details in our system automatically. 10. What if I don’t receive any message from Exprimo even my parcel status is ‘delivered’? Please make sure you are using the same number as stated on your parcel. All the process of delivering the message will be done before 6 pm. Please bear with us for the mean time. 11. What if after receiving our message, instead of Self-Pickup/Normal Delivery, I want my parcel to be delivered to me on the same night? You need to message us via our FB Messenger before 5 pm. If you are late, your request will be full-filled on the next day. Do you have more inquiries? Please contact us via Exprimo Fb Messenger.